Neurosage Therapy

Optimizing Brain Function Through the Application of Neural Adaptation

Neurosage Therapy in Zurich and Switzerland

We all know that computer games and extended screen time are not beneficial for the brain, especially for the developing brain of a child or teenager. But, what if there is a technology that uses games to help balance the brain? Welcome to NeuroSage!

What is Neurosage?

At Optimal Brain we offer Neurosage with all our brain balancing programs.

Neurosage is a cutting edge technology that utilises video games to actively target specific areas of the brain.

Through the process of systemic neural adaptation, and the use of carefully modulated visual, auditory and physical stimulation, Neurosage allows for a non-invasive, non-pharmacological, and FUN way to enable the brain and body to work in better harmony.

Anyone up for a saber fight?

Benefits of Neurosage

Neurosage Increases Brain Function

The NeuroLife Institute of Life University concluded its extensive research on Neurosage in January, 2019. After testing Neurosage, the NeuroLife institute found that it is safe to use and furthermore, was proven effective in increasing brain function, such as cognitive and balance parameters in the individuals studied.

“The most substantial reason we started researching and testing this technology is the need for new and different treatment modalities for neurological deficiencies, such as concussions, ADHD, and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Since video games are so prevalent in today’s society, several companies created some that are designed to increase brain function, and the NeuroLife Institute researched the equipment and has shown its safe and effective use for this purpose.”

Dr. Michael A, Longyear, D.C., DACNB, CCSP
Director of Applied Clinical Neuroscience at NeuroLife Institute


What the experts are saying...

“Our brains depend on sensory stimulation to thrive and function in a coordinated manner.

Neurosage delivers a targeted amount of sensory stimulation via the eyes and ears to help improve balance, coordination, endurance, focus, cognition, and reducing discomfort. Neurosage was designed to help improve outcomes in our daily lives.”

- Dr. Kyle Daigle, DC