1What makes Optimal Brain different from other providers in Switzerland?
Optimal Brain is different because we combine Neurofeedback with the most cutting-edge Functional Neurology approaches and technologies while further supporting your healing process through Functional Medicine and optimizing your biochemistry, nutrition, and lifestyle. This unique combination not only accelerates your healing but can address a variety of brain-based, physiological, biochemical, and environmental imbalances present, which is impossible through a more traditional or single treatment approach.
2Do you accept insurance?
No insurance reimbursement is available for Functional Medicine or any other services.
3I want to use my insurance for laboratory testing. Can I do laboratory tests with my doctor instead of ordering them through you?
You are welcome to order tests through your doctor to utilize your insurance, but it is important to note that not all tests are equal. Traditional laboratory testing is designed to identify disease and pathology and will often only be positive IF there is the beginning of a disease process. Functional testing, on the other hand, identifies how optimal your body’s systems are working, while aiming at uncovering the root cause of your symptoms, way before a disease process manifests. This is why many of our patients often have ‘normal’ results with traditional tests, even though they don’t feel well. As we try to work as much as possible with traditional testing, we will most likely recommend some functional testing to get to the root cause of the problem. Consider it an investment into yourself! NOTE: Some general biochemistry screens (regular blood work) can be successfully ordered through your doctor and may be (at least partially) covered by your insurance plan.
4Does Brain Balancing and Neurofeedback work on various conditions?
Yes, Brain Balancing and Neurofeedback have the potential to work on a variety of conditions associated with the brain. Since most brain-related problems are associated with an imbalanced neurological system and irregular brainwaves, Brain Balancing and Neurofeedback are effective therapies for most brain-related conditions or ailments. Its effectiveness is because this treatment approach does not directly target disease or a symptom. Instead, it retrains the brain by correcting hemisphericity (left/right brain imbalance), regulates irregular brain waves, and modifies faulty timing patterns. The result is improved brain regulation, which will positively impact most conditions or symptoms.
5How soon will I see results?
How quickly you will see improvement and obtain lasting results varies significantly from person to person. Various factors come into play when determining the length of a successful treatment plan. Your diagnosis, the number, duration, and intensity of symptoms, your lifestyle and nutritional habits, ability to complete weekly brain balancing treatments, daily homework regimens, and supplement protocols will determine your overall success rate. It is also common to have minor ups and downs from session to session. So, a particular session could have been more effective (based on your brain’s response that day) than another. Therefore, it is essential not to get caught up in your response to individual sessions but to understand the entire process and enjoy the journey. Retraining the brain takes time! Think of learning to ride a bike for the first time; it’s not something you can do after just one try!
6How long will the beneficial effects of Neurofeedback/Brain Balancing last?
Neurofeedback has been studied to have sustained effects on patients for 10-20 years. Dr. Joel Lubar followed up on ADD/ADHD patients and found they retained the effects of Neurofeedback even after two decades. Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine are newer approaches that work exceptionally well in conjunction with Neurofeedback. Hence it will only support the beneficial and lasting effects of Neurofeedback for years beyond your completion of care.
7Is it necessary for me to stop my medication?
As you may be required to discontinue certain medications before your brain mapping appointment, we never recommend changing your medication regimen. This is something only your prescribing physician can do. However, we have seen many patients being able to decrease or even stop various medications after successfully completing Brain Balancing/Neurofeedback and Functional Medicine treatment. Usually, a well-regulated brain and body do not need a prescription, but we recommend you only make changes under the supervision of your prescribing physician.
8What is a Brain Map? Is it painful or invasive?
There is no pain or discomfort with a brain map as it is simply a surface scan of your scalp for electrical impulses, which we refer to as brainwaves. A conductive paste is used in this process, but there are no shocks, discomfort, or pain throughout the non-invasive procedure. The computer does the mapping while you sit comfortably in a chair for approximately 15 minutes. The therapist will walk you through basic instructions such as closing and opening your eyes.
9How many sessions do you recommend for Functional Medicine? How many for Brain Balancing?
As a general rule, we recommend 5-9 monthly consultations for Functional Medicine and 20-50 weekly therapy sessions for Brain Balancing/Neurofeedback to improve and successfully resolve your symptom(s) and condition(s).

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