Developmental Functional Neurology

An Optimally Developed Brain is a Balanced Brain

Functional Neurology in Zurich and Switzerland

Functional Neurology is a fairly new approach to brain balancing. It is based on the proven neuroscience of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of the brain and nervous system to mold and change.

At Optimal Brain, we practice developmental functional neurology to gain an understanding of any potential neurological imbalances, and customize individualized and targeted therapy programs to resolve deficiencies and aid in achieving a more optimal brain, leading to better health and wellbeing.

Understanding Functional Neurology

Developmental Functional Neurology means that, next to optimizing neuroplasticity, all our programs closely follow an exact blueprint based on how the brain actually develops.

See, brain optimization done well has to follow a certain order, similar to the concept that you need to crawl before you can walk. 

Think of building a house, you begin by laying a strong foundation, then you build the frame or walls, and finally the roof. Brain optimization works the same way. For your brain, the foundation is the brainstem, the walls are the cerebellum, and the roof is the cortex. 

This is why all our brain balancing programs incorporate the assessment and improvement of posture, balance, coordination, efficiency of eye movement, and resolution of something called (retained) primitive reflexes.


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Of course, all our brain balancing programs are accompanied by a detailed review of your lifestyle and nutrition, and an in-depth Functional Medicine program to further help optimize your body and brain.

This will ensure even better results and provide a sound foundation for your brain to train efficiently.

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