How it Works

Even a superhero needs a plan sometimes

Unleash Your Super Powers

Putting on that cape and becoming the most optimized version of yourself takes dedication and effort, make no mistake. But your brain (and body) follow a specific blueprint when it comes to optimal function. 

Follow our easy 5-step process to help unlock your superpowers!


Optimal Brain Assessment

A detailed developmental functional neurology examination in combination with a QEEG brain map allows for unparalleled insight into your overall neurological function and brain balance.


Optimal Body Assessment

A comprehensive metabolic assessment reviews past and current symptom presentations, while identifying which systems (gut health, detoxification, immune balance, energy production, hormones, etc.) may need further investigation.


Optimal Lab Testing

Cutting edge functional laboratory testing provides an in-depth analysis of your body’s various systems and allows for a deeper understanding of potential areas of metabolic imbalance or dysfunction.


Optimal Lifestyle and Nutrition

Careful examination and improvement of your current lifestyle and dietary habits will aid in your body’s healing process, while laying the foundation for a more optimal brain and body.


The Optimal Brain Program

It’s time to put on that cape!

The Optimal Brain Program incorporates everything we learned about your weaknesses and strengths, while providing you with an easy to follow blueprint that incorporates all the necessary tools, trainings, and homework regimens to help you not only become the most optimal version of yourself - but to be able to stay optimal for years to come.


Assessment & Review of Findings Report

At Optimal Brain, we believe that optimal health starts with a highly individualized plan so that you can make an educated decision if becoming optimal is right for you. In addition, we offer a variety of care plan packages that will fit your individual budget and needs.

Our process starts with an in-person or video assessment consultation from which we will  create your personalized Review Of Findings report, outlining our best recommendations for your unique health challenges and overall goals.

If you are unsure of how Functional Medicine and/or Brain Balancing can help you, we offer a complimentary Discovery Call where we can discuss your case and answer any questions you may have.