Meet Daniel Auer DC, IFMCP (DR. A)

Dr. A is a licensed doctor of chiropractic in California (USA), a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP), and a certified Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Therapist. He was the founder and owner of the premier Functional Medicine & Neurofeedback clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley,) where he practiced for 13 years and helped optimize a diverse patient base including executives and employees from all major technology companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Intel, etc.

He has further collaborated and worked with some of the most cutting edge clinics all over the US specializing in the application of Functional Medicine and Developmental Functional Neurology. He frequently travels to the US to further his education and clinical expertise by working with some of the pioneers in developmental functional neurology.

He recently moved back to his home country Switzerland and is currently providing Functional Medicine services to all of Switzerland, the US, and worldwide via telemedicine.

Next to Functional Medicine, he specializes in brain balancing through Neurofeedback and Developmental Functional Neurology with emphasis on childhood developmental disorders such as ADD, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, as well as symptoms including depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s.

Certifications, Training & Licenses

  • Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic in California (USA)
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP)
  • Certified Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Therapist in USA and Switzerland
  • Fellowship in Childhood Developmental Disorders & Functional Neurology (IBFN CND) and the Melillo Method – In training.
  • Certified GAPS Practitioner (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) 
  • Certified Applied Kinesiologist through the International College for Applied Kinesiology USA  (ICAK)
  • Received training by Dr. Datis Kharrazian in functional neurology, childhood developmental disorders, functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry, functional thyroid interpretation and treatment, neuroinflammation and brain balancing, and clinical strategies for gastrointestinal, autoimmunity, diabetes and dysglycemia, infertility, prenatal care, and maternal health treatment applications
  • Received training with Dr. Dicken Weatherby in advanced blood chemistry interpretation and treatment.
  • Received training by Donna Gates in the Body Ecology Method
  • Received training in functional endocrinology from Dr. Janet lang on managing adrenal disorders, thyroid hormones, male / female hormones, menopause, and various conditions such as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, etc.

Meet Corinna, AFMCP

Corinna is one of the first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches (FMCA) and Applied Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners (SAFM) in the German speaking countries.

She has practiced Functional Medicine as one of the first providers in the DACH-area and has been supporting clients with a great variety of health goals and challenges for more than nine years.

Another focus area is providing supervision services for other health professionals to achieve optimal outcomes for their patients and clients.

Corinna has established visibility for Functional Medicine in Germany by using different health networks and organizations with a broad audience and is featured in different podcasts, congresses and health platforms.

She is currently providing Functional Medicine services to all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland via telemedicine.

She specializes in chronic and inflammatory disease processes, digestive and gut health, metabolic optimization, mitochondrial and thyroid health, autoimmune diseases, epigenetics/nutrigenomics and health optimization/longevity.

Next to her focus on providing Functional Medicine and Functional Diagnostic services for German speaking patients, Corinna is part of the Clinical Education team of School of Applied Functional Medicine, educator for HealVersity (Epigenetics and Functional Medicine) and Nordic Laboratories/DNAlife as well as “Akademie für Menschliche Medizin” and is co-founder of meraki Health Solutions GmbH.

Certifications, Training & Licenses

  • Applied Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (AFMCP)
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)
  • Certified Food Coach
  • Received training in kPNI
  • Certified in Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1
  • Original Strength Trainer (level 1 and level 2)
  • Russian Kettlebell Instructor (level 1)
  • Received 1:1 training by Tracy Harrison in functional medicine and functional medicine application
  • Received training with Dr. Dicken Weatherby in advanced blood chemistry interpretation and treatment
  • Received training by Dr. Moss in Organic Acids and metabolic regulation
  • Received training by Dr. Walsh on functional blood chemistry and metabolic regulation and detoxification

Eveline Scherrer

Eveline has a unique background in the health industry and possesses extensive knowledge about people and their diverse lifestyles. Her passion for working with individuals' minds and bodies started during her time as a baker, where she envisioned a future in the health sector.

Her expertise in psychology, personality development, anatomy, and nutrition, gained over years of self-study and training in CrossFit and competitive floorball, exposed her to functional medicine and neurofeedback through Dr. Daniel Auer. After gaining practical experience at Optimal Brain, she decided to become a neurofeedback therapist and pursued this career path.

With her training, she now excels as a competent neurofeedback therapist with Optimal Brain. She assists her clients in improving brain-related symptoms and deficits by using the concept of neuroplasticity to optimize overall brain function. Her goal as a neurofeedback therapist is to introduce many individuals to the significance and impact of neurofeedback in combination with Functional Medicine and lifestyle modification.

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