Dr. A is phenomenal! Truly cares about your health and works within your budget. Helped me deal with some severe intestinal issues that had been bothering me for 2+ years. Went through it all before working with Dr. Auer - blood work, different samples, colonoscopy, etc. Wasn't able to even figure out what the problem was. Thankfully within a short period, Dr. Auer was able to pinpoint what the issues were and able to target it with a precision protocol. Even got sick with Covid 19 in the middle of treatment and he gave a protocol for that as well. Like I said, you can tell he truly cares about your wellbeing. If you're looking for a health solution, you gotta try Dr. A!

~Will F.

Dr. Auer is a very knowledgeable and talented functional medicine practitioner. He uses a personalized approach to diagnose and treat autoimmune and various other diseases. I had problems regarding low immunity, leaky gut, migraines and mood and hormonal problems. We did food allergy and blood test and several other tests. His diagnosis of the underlying issue was very accurate. He successfully treated most of the problems I was dealing with and also paved the way to a healthier life style and diet as well. I would highly recommend him if you would like to improve your health and well being.

~Ezra V.

I have been seeing Dr. Auer for about 8 years and continue to consult with him on my health concerns. Over time I have done a few of the recommended functional medical tests which helped me to adjust my diet. I did not realize that my body has a reaction to gluten. Dr. Auer is the best to make adjustments for my TMJ pain. Without the adjustments I would have tension headaches that can last for days. It makes a big difference knowing that he cares about my health.

~Deborah P.

I was drawn to Dr. Auer as I have had lots of fatigue issues and sometimes insomnia. Lately the insomnia became more severe. He recommended 2 rather simple fixes and I am back on track. Thanks Dr. Auer!

~Lynn D

I have been seeing Dr. Auer for a little over two years now. I originally sought him out after struggling to find someone to properly diagnose my many medical issues(skin, digestive, plateaued weight-loss, allergies, insomnia, etc...), along with growing chronic forearm pain. I immediately found comfort and relief with the over the phone consultation he provided. I found him to be very easy to talk to and a great listener. He gave me a great deal of advice to get me started without having to even step foot in his office. He made me feel like someone finally understood what I was going through and was confident they had the tools that could help me heal. After my first appointment had concluded, I knew I had made the right decision. Over the next few months Dr. Auer's use and knowledge of Functional Medicine helped to uncover the many root causes of my symptoms. With the aide of his recommended supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle changes I finally felt in control of my health. If you're looking for a personable doctor who really takes the time for their patients and really knows their stuff, I can't say enough good things.

~Anthony T.

Dr Auer is an extremely knowledgeable and talented functional medicine practitioner. He is passionate about helping his patients and stays up to date on the latest research and techniques. I appreciate the usage of blood and stool testing to establish a baseline from which you can track your health improvements. Prior to working with Dr Auer I had not understood my body's reactions to dairy and excess sugar. My overall health has greatly benefited from his in-depth knowledge of biochemical processes and experience with supplements. I had been disappointed over the years that traditional practitioners did not place heavier emphasis on the food that we eat. In my opinion functional medicine plays a huge role in successful treatment of autoimmune conditions and improving general health. I would highly recommend Dr Auer.

~Simone S.

I'm very happy that I found Dr. Auer's functional medicine practice. His extensive health knowledge is complemented by his kindness and willingness to help his patients. He spends enough time to do a very thorough evaluation, decide which tests are relevant, and make a plan. All in a super positive, caring, and patient centered way. His office manager is extremely helpful and efficient as well. Overall, a well organized practice, in a nice and convenient location, that offers a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.


Impressed is to put it lightly. Today I spent an hour with Dr. Auer discussing his approach to Functional Medicine. Structured, Detailed, Thorough, and unlike anything I have seen. Dr Auers program in my Professional opinion is one of the best bar none available. It all starts with a detailed process of gathering information followed by a foundational transition period based off of the findings and reports. These include (as needed and vary by patient) various blood, stool and other panels that provide valuable insight to the foundational and transitional aspect of the program. If you are interested in improving your general health, athletic performance or specifically if you are battling more involved and chronic health issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, GI, Sleep disorders, etc. then I highly recommend Dr. Auers program. The program focuses on You, your body chemistry and using whole foods as well as supplements (as needed) to improve your health state/condition. I rarely ever share this kind of information or feedback but I so believe in what he offers and have to figure a way to do this in my practice because this is next level health care.

~Joseph S.

Dr. Auer is very knowledgeable in the field of functional medicine. I first saw him at the office for constipation and fatigue problems. I've never had a more extensive physical exam performed on me by any health practitioner. He actually listened to all of my complaints and addressed all the issues without putting a time limit on our visit. Through the nutrition he had prescribed me, my energy has gotten a lot better and my constipation has almost disappeared. I continue to see Dr. Auer for all of my health concerns and definitely recommend anyone who is tired of seeing their traditional medical doctors who prescribe a drug for each symptom. If you are taking any medications and do not know when you'll be getting off them and suffering from multiple side effects, go see Dr. Auer. I am certain he can help you!!

~J G.

I've always considered myself to be above average health conscious. Exercise and a healthy diet have always been important to me. Recently, I have found myself going off track because of the challenges that life throws at you. Lots of stress and poor food choices led me down the path of fatigue, digestive disorders, and weight gain. In the past, I've always been able to pull it together and get back on track. This time it was different! I tried for a year on my own, and just couldn't do it. I knew that I needed someone else's help, and that's when I found Dr. Auer. My belief system is in alignment with his, and with his holistic approach to health and wellness, we have created a healthier me! My fatigue and digestive disorders have been resolved, and I have effortlessly lost most of my unwanted extra pounds! Conventional medicine would have prescribed a pill, not getting to the root cause! Dr. Auer got to the root cause and actually helped heal my body with the use of supplements and healthy eating habits. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, then give Dr. Auer a try! I'm grateful to have him in my life!

~Linda C.

I came to see Dr. Auer for my chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies, immunity which had been gradually getting worse since I hit my mid-20's. Considering that I am a relatively young adult, it made no sense to be feeling horrible every day. My MD just continued to prescribe me drugs like Ambien instead of trying to find the root of the problem. (I really don't like taking toxic prescription medicines with awful side effects.) Dr. Auer spent a good amount of time going over every single health problem I've had in my life (he knows more about my health than any doctor I've seen!) He is detail-oriented, exceptionally educated in biochemistry/nutrition, and all things health-related. Using a combination of new diet/nutrition, blood work, muscle testing, kinesiology, adjustments, and holistic supplements, he has been able to address my health issues almost immediately. Turns out I had severe intolerance to gluten, cow's milk, eggs, etc. which explained my chronic fatigue, sleeping issues, and allergies all year-round. It has been about 2+ months and I am feeling a million times better than ever before. I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a normal level of energy, and I am also not taking any prescription meds. My friends that met me when I was always fatigued, now wonder why I am "hyper" all the time. This new energy is refreshing, and I am very thankful for all Dr. Auer has done for my health and new lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Auer! You won't regret it.

~Ta G.

I've worked with many a doctor, both as a patient and as a fellow practitioner, and I've never run across someone as talented, honest, and attentive as Dr. Dan. After six months of working with him I've lost 35 pounds and my body hasn't been this healthy since I was a young kid. I started seeing Dr. Dan to be adjusted and rid myself of Candida, an over growth of yeast in my system that I've struggled with for over 15 years. I tried many, many times to get rid of it without success. Dr. Dan, however, had it out of my system in less than three months and it's has not come back. Dr. Dan's integrative approach to medicine has balanced me and remedied issues I didn't recognize I had. The weight I lost has stayed off, the food I'm eating is more nutritious and appropriate to my body's needs. I love Dr. Dan's 'east meets west' approach to healthcare. It's not a cookie cutter technique or one that only treats your surface symptoms. Dr. Dan gets to the root causes of you body's imbalances through truly tailored treatments that suits a person's particular needs. He faithfully works with my body, not against it, to bring me and keep me in balance. In this day and age, it's great to know there is a doctor out there working in the medical field who is full of integrity and a deep commitment to my health. I recommend Dr. Dan to anyone who wants to live a strong, healthy life and understand completely where their health is and get the most life out of their body.

~Julien A.

I have been going to see Dr. Auer for about 2.5 years and it has been exponentially better than any other functional medicine doctor or alternative practitioner that I have seen before. I appreciate that Dr. Auer utilizes blood work and lab testing to identify health challenges and also uses them to track progression throughout the course of treatment. He is very transparent about what he is doing and why, while also being flexible about your input and desired treatment approach. The initial consultation is very thorough and after some preliminary testing it was clear that the original reason that I had come in for was a symptom of a much larger systemic problem. I am so grateful that Dr. Auer was able to figure out the source of the problem instead of chasing every symptom that was popping up. It has been exciting (and relieving) to see improvements on both subjective (observed mood and symptoms) and objective (lab test results) measures. While some conditions require a longer period of time to heal, there were some symptoms that literally subsided within the first 3 days of following his protocol. I would highly recommend Dr. Auer and if I can give one piece of advice from my experience so far it would be to follow his recommendations as closely as possible because the benefits are well worth the effort.

~Ember K.

I came to see Dr. Auer for symptoms that were wreaking havoc on my overall health and productivity. When I saw dr. Auer, my suffering with chronic pain, fatigue, food intolerances, menstrual, and digestive disorders was at its peak. Dr. Auer took a systematic approach and unearthed the root cause of all the problems, allergies, and auto-immune disorders that were messing me up. I am still working with him and he is helping me heal my body and mind. He is an expert in functional and holistic medicine and I truly endorse his ground-up approach to health and wellness. I am feeling so much better than I did a few months ago.

~Kavita C.

In less than 4 months time, Dr. Auer has improved my health immensely. I came to Dr. Auer being generally healthy but with nagging complaints of low grade fatigue, some insomnia, daily afternoon headaches, and vague low grade digestion issues. Those symptoms are now totally gone. My regular general practitioner would offer advice like, "here's a pamphlet about reducing stress", "try walking more often", "being a 40-something mom of 2 kids is demanding", "if the sleep problem continues, maybe we can think about Ambien". What a difference compared with my visit to Dr. Auer. My first visit was what healthcare should look like: professional, comprehensive (not just focused on 1 or 2 issues), and relaxed, with time for coaching and questions. What a difference in approach and what a difference in results! I'm still a bit amazed that these problems were eradicated so quickly. While this type of healthcare is not inexpensive, it's been a great investment. (Seriously, solid deep sleep is SO worth it!) All along I felt like Dr. Auer recommended tests only where the results would materially change my treatment, and pointed out where my GP might be able to run tests through my insurance plan for less out of pocket expense for me. Supplements can be expensive, but they worked. I consider the cost a successful investment in my current quality of life and in my future health I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Auer's practice.

~Jane H.