Neurofeedback Training at Home

Optimize Brain Health from the Comfort of your Home!

Are you interested in Neurofeedback but live too far away? At Optimal Brain, we offer Home Training Neurofeedback that can be done in Switzerland and anywhere in the world!

We offer two home system training options

Myndlift Home Training System

The Myndlift Home Training System for 1-channel training is available to you no matter where you are!

This is our favorite home training system for basic Neurofeedback training allowing you to optimize your brain in the comfort of your home with a Muse headband and a smartphone or tablet.

This is our most cost-effective training option that allows your whole family to join in your quest for brain optimization!

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Clinic Home System

The Clinic Home System is for our Swiss Clients who want to experience the greater benefits of our clinic system with 2-channel training.

This system is recommended for those who need the highest clinical efficacy and want a professional Neurofeedback system in their home. Please note that you will need a dedicated laptop for this training.

If any of the brainwaves are off or out of sync, this adversely impacts the entire body.

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Myndlift Home Training System

This system is only for our patients in Switzerland that want to experience our FULL Neurofeedback training but in the comfort of their own home.

The system is exactly what we use in our clinic, allowing for a full two-channel brain training.

Your sessions are tracked in our in-house system - just like when you are doing your brain training physically with us!

How Myndlift Works

Through Newmind’s cutting-edge technology, you can receive the same high-quality and fully customized EEG-driven Neurofeedback training protocols that our larger, in-office units utilize - but from the comfort of your home!

While in-office training remains still our preference for most patients, Home Training works very well, without the need to drive to our location several times per week.

In addition, Home Training allows you to increase your training frequency to a maximum of once per day, which can greatly speed up your overall progress.

The Process

The process itself is non-invasive, drug-free, and pain-free.

For you to utilize the Home Training, we still require a full QEEG Brain Map that has to be completed in our office.

This will allow us to create a highly individualized treatment protocol that can then be completed by you through Home Training.


Are you unsure if being optimal is right for you?

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