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Functional Medicine

Yes, even superheroes need it.

When we talk about brain health, we often neglect the body's many systems that can influence our brain such as our nutrition, the gut microbiome, hormones, epigenetics, detoxification, and immune system.

Did you know that anxiety, depression, insomnia, learning disabilities, and even spectrum disorders can be associated with potential nutritional, metabolic, and biochemical imbalances?

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Brain Balancing

Brain balancing for optimal health. We can’t promise X-Ray vision - but we’ll try!

Did you know that ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and even spectrum disorders can be associated with potential brainwave and neurological imbalances?

By gaining a clearer picture of the brain and neurological system, a targeted therapy program can be utilized to help optimize neurological function and aid in obtaining a more optimized brain!

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